★ The Event

Kacchan’s Top Secret Birthday Smash is a Fan Party for BakuDeku fans, by BakuDeku fans. The event concept is a surprise birthday party organized by Deku for Kacchan. It will be an intimate gathering attended by BakuDeku fans from all over.

The event will be held on Kacchan’s birthday itself, April 20, 2019 from 12NN-6PM at VentureSpace PH, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Program will consist of party games with BakuDeku, a viewing of notable BakuDeku episodes, raffles and other surprises.

★ ExplodoSmashPH

ExplodoSmashPH is a group of BakuDeku fans who just really wanted a to attend a PH BakuDeku event, so they started one themselves.

If you know who we are, feel free to interact with us on Twitter or wherever, but please direct all event-related questions to our event accounts!